Granite Division

Unit 1 - Located at Hosur, Tamil Nadu, India

The Company was incorporated in the year 2001 and set up a massive 5 gang saw plant at Hosur and earned the status of 100% Export Oriented Unit since inception. Having operated the plant for about a decade, the need for installing the technologically advanced plant from Italy was felt and by disposing off the Gang saw Plant, the Company relocated the processing facility at Hosur itself. This new plant commenced its production during the year 2014 with the following major processing equipment:

For Slab Processing Plant:

  1. Supplied by Officiana Faedo, Italy

    • 75 MT Gantry Crane – for handing massive size of granite blocks
    • 12 MT EOT Cranes
    • 10 MT EOT Cranes
    • Single Arm Loader – for Stuffing the slab crates into Close Top Containers
    • Block Tilter
  2. Supplied by BRETON Spa, Italy

    • Single Wire Machine - "EASY WIRE" for dressing Granite Blocks
    • Block Squaring System - "BEST WIRE DUO" for dressing granite blocks
    • Automatic 21 Heads Slab Polishing Line - "Levibreton Mod. KG 4000 Plus/021-SG6
    • Image Plus - Automatic system to take and file Digital photos of slabs
    • Resin Treating Line – for Surface Treatment of slabs & tiles
    • Bridge Cutting Machine – "Easycut Mod. FE 600 Evolution" - for sizing the materials
    • Other supporting and auxiliary equipment such as Jib Cranes, automatic slab loaders, un-loaders, Motorized Conveyors, Tilting Tables, Motorized Rotating Platforms, etc.
  3. From China

    • Dual Automatic Flaming Machines
  4. Indigenous Equipment

    • Compressors
    • Diesel Generating Sets
    • Workshop Equipment

For Tile Processing Plant:

  1. Supplied by Peligrini, Italy

    • Gantry Crane – 30 Ton – for rough block lifing
    • Block Cutters – 3 Nos. – Peligrini Make Models
    • Single Disc Cross Cutting Machine – Peligrini
    • Calibration Machine
    • Multi Cross Cutting Machine
    • Chamferring Machine
  2. Supplied by BRETON Spa, Italy

    • 20 Head Polishing Line
  3. Supplied by Societa

    • Resin Line
  4. Indigenous Equipment

    • Hand Polishing Machines
    • Edge Cutting Machines
    • Compressors
    • Transformers
    • Diesel Generators
    • Brazing & Tensioning Machines
    • Drilling, Welding, Wood Cutting Machines
    • Fork Lifts

Unit 2 – Located at Chamarajanagar, Karnataka, India

When the group felt the need for additional processing capacity, this plant was set up at Honnahalli village in Karnataka. The plant is also housed technologically advanced and state of the art processing equipment to ensure higher productivity with lower cost of production and reduced manpower. This plant also has the similar processing equipment as we have in the Hosur Plant. In addition this plant also has the required equipment for processing customized Monuments.